What is Lumina?

Lumina is a new cosmetics company that is just entering the market. It was created with the aim of offering its customers innovative and effective cosmetic products that will help them achieve healthy and beautiful skin.


One of the main principles of Lumina is to use only natural ingredients in its products. The company believes that nature has all the ingredients they need to maintain healthy skin, so they strive to use only the highest quality plant extracts, oils, and other natural ingredients.


Lumina also focuses on scientific research and innovation in cosmetology. The company is constantly looking for new ways to increase the effectiveness of its products and improve the quality of skin care.


In addition, Lumina has an eye-catching packaging design for its products. Lumina’s packaging combines elegant design with ease of use, making the products more appealing to consumers.


Although Lumina is just entering the market, the company has great potential and strives to become a leader in cosmetic products. They are ready to offer their customers quality and effective products that help them look and feel their best.

Our Goal

Our goal is to create a unique and attractive brand that reflects the company’s values and principles, attracts consumers’ attention and establishes it as a leader in the industry of cosmetic products.


We strive to create a branding concept that emphasizes the naturalness, efficacy and innovation of Lumina products. We pay special attention to packaging design, creating a stylish and attractive design


Our focus is to create a brand that is easily recognizable and memorable, and that is associated with the high quality and effectiveness of Lumina cosmetic products. We want to help Lumina stand out from the competition and market itself as one of the leaders in the cosmetics industry.​

In Finally

We worked with a cosmetics firm, Lumina, to create its branding and product packaging. Our work included brand concept development, packaging design and color palette selection, as well as fonts that would emphasize the uniqueness of the brand.


We designed packaging for the product that combined lightness and elegance, and emphasized its personality and effectiveness. 


The result of our work was a strong brand that reflects Lumina’s values and principles, an attractive packaging design that helped the company establish itself in the market and assert itself as a possessor of high-quality cosmetic products. We are proud of our work and believe we have helped Lumina succeed in the cosmetics market.