At Diroro Branding Studio, we are excited to reveal our recently completed design project, a captivating and informative book titled “Treating Fatigue” for the esteemed medical company, ACBM.


In this project, our challenge was to develop a book design that not only reflected ACBM’s expertise in medicine, but also provided a light, modern, and accessible aesthetic that allowed readers to easily understand the content.


To accomplish this, we first embarked on a comprehensive research phase, delving into ACBM’s niche and understanding the specific needs and preferences of their audience. This enabled us to identify the key elements that would make the book design both relevant and engaging for its readers.

The process of designing a book is a complex undertaking that demands a blend of imaginative and technical proficiencies. Our studio encountered several hurdles, which included: 

  • Conveying the tone and message of the book through the design. 
  • Striking a balance between readability and visual appeal. 
  • Integrating images and graphics in an impactful manner. 
  • Adhering to production and printing requirements. 
  • Operating within the constraints of budget and time. 
  • Formatting the design to suit digital platforms. 
  • Developing a distinct and memorable design.
The final book design is a masterful blend of ACBM’s medical expertise and our creative ingenuity. Featuring a visually appealing layout, engaging visuals, and user-friendly navigation, the design delivers an informative and accessible resource that captures the essence of ACBM’s mission to help people combat fatigue.​